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The Reticulian connection (articolo di Kevin Forbes)

Pur non condividendo in toto la tesi dell'autore, riteniamo utile pubblicare questo articolo per una maggiore comprensione del fenomeno.

Every U.F.O. researcher and many people know Grey aliens. They were probably seen for the first time on September 19 1961, when Barney and Betty Hill, husband and wife, were travelling with their car in New Hampshire (U.S.A.). During the long travel from Montreal to Portsmouth, they saw a light in the sky that was following the car. After coming back home, Barney and Betty realized they lost two hours of their life. It was the event called “missing time”. Thereafter the woman began to feel depressed, for having scary nightmares too; the man felt anxious and worried for some physiological diseases. They were convinced by the Boston renowned psychiatrist, Benjamin Simon, to undergo a hypnotic trial: so they told an astonishing experience, remembering they were kidnapped by strange, bald and short creatures, with grey skin and big eyes. The couple also recalled medical examinations inside a spacecraft. Betty Hill described a constellation the aliens’ leader showed her on a map. Afterwards Zeta Reticuli was recognized in the stars the woman could watch.

After the Hill’s abduction, many times, witnesses and people who were abducted described these aliens: they were especially impressed by large, oval and dark eyes. These eyes have got something hypnotic. Nevertheless some U.F.O. researchers, by analyzing various reports, think that Grey extraterrestrials’ eyes are covered by a black membrane in order to protect them from strong solar radiation of our system, maybe because the planet the Reticulians live on, is enlightened by a less intense light. (1)

A famous crop drawing shows an alien with a triangular face: this face appeared on August 15 2002, in the field of Vale Farm, near to Crapwood (Hampshire, England). The spooky creature holds in his hand a disc similar to a CD rom. The disc seemed to contain a message in a binary code. The right side of the alien face (the left one is shaded) has got a big eye with the pupil.

Another well known crop drawing, which appeared on August 20 2001, in a field next to Chilbolton radioastronomic observatory (southern England, Hampshire), represents different interesting things: a bighead creature, a DNA triple scheme, a strange object and a system with nine planets spinning around a “small” sun, smaller than our star. Perhaps Zeta Reticuli inhabitants live on a planet where sunlight is not very bright so that, when they come into our world, they need to defend their eyes.

Is there a connection between this Grey aliens’ physiological characteristic and one of the chemtrails purposes? Chemtrails operations are accomplished in several countries with aluminium spread which causes a global dimming, because microscopic aluminium particles, spread in the troposphere, reflect sunlight towards the layer above. Is this a way in order to reduce the sunlight and create a shady environment suitable to Reticulians beings? Although this is just a hypothesis, I think it could explain something about alien agenda, i.e. the strategies for the world conquest. Are the malevolent extraterrestrial creatures preparing an environment where they will be able to live? In the opinion of some U.F.O. researchers, abductions, hybridation with human beings, selection of a new race are the steps for ruling planet earth. They believe that cosmic intruders are going to create the conditions for a new world order, slowly but in an inexorable way, by cooperating with American, French and Israeli secret military forces, but under control of other races, especially Reptilians. Natural environments transformation is another part of this unfriendly plan?

(1) The Santilli footage with alien autopsy shows a bighead and lean creature. He has black membranes upon the eyes and a surgeon takes them away. Even if the Santilli footage is a hoax, it probably contains some real details.

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