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Messaggio della Dottoressa Staninger

Pubblichiamo un messaggio inviatoci dalla tossicologa Dottoressa Hildegarde Staninger con cui siamo onorati di collaborare. La ricercatrice californiana, venuta a sapere di essere stata diffamata e vilipesa in alcuni forum, deplora tale vergognoso contegno e preannuncia eventuali iniziative legali nei confronti dei disinformatori usi a calunniare ed a tentare di rovinare la reputazione degli scienziati e dei ricercatori seri ed onesti. Riportiamo in corsivo anche la nostra risposta con cui riconosciamo che, in effetti, i vari maramaldi imperversano un po' dappertutto, anche in siti di controinformazione, come, dove si è infiltrato tale marko.

I am writing to you so you may forward this information to Zret. He has been most supportive in addressing the chat board comments of an individual from Pescara. The individual needs some clarification on some of his comments, which I find not accurate.
When facts are not accurate, the comments lead to confusion.

1. the International Academy of Toxicological Risk Assessment (IATRA) was founded in 1983 by Dr. Than Myint, Dr. Mathrole, Dr. Maria Mitchell, Dr. H.L. Sacarello and Dr. Loren Hatch, NIOSH. In the late 1980's it was acquired by the National Registry of Environmental Professionals. NREP is the officianal Credentialing Organization for IATRA. listed under Table of Contents. Read down under NREP is an official credentialing organization for line # 4 IATRA.

2. IEIA is a division of the World Life Research Institute that was approved by Dr. Bruce W. Halstead, Director and the Board of Directors. WLRI was founded in 1961 and is the official governmental depository of all toxicological texts in the USA.

See the following website:

3. Capital University of Integrative Medicine did close its degree granting university in June 2006. Not by court order but due to lack of funding an the vote of the university's Board of Trustees. The school was open from 1996 to 2006 and had just over or under 200 graduates for the graduate degree programs as a Doctor of Integrative Medicine.

The official transcripts of all graduates of the school is now maintained by the Department of Education, Washington, D.C. Official transcripts may be received with written authroization of the graduating party.

The university was the first university to offer an advanced degree in Integrative Medicine in the USA and was originally sponsored by Congress.

Capital University of Integrative Medicine was never reported in the Quack Report to be a "truffa" or fake university. It was a degree granting university under the administration of District of Columbia, Washington, D.C. up until it closed its doors due to lack of funding and attendees. (hit insert at the top of the official CUIM website.)

If individuals who are written about in the Quack Report is a total different matter and not related to the university's graduates, alumni nor professors. The Quack Report owners have been sued in the United States for slander, deflamation and libel.

My general comment in reference to the scientific relationship with I wrote my scientific papers in a "peer" reviewed journal and presented them at the official annual conferences of NREP (October 18, 2006 and June 6, 2007). A complete copy of Project FMM was given to fellow toxicologist, industrial hygienist, environmental engineers, molecular biologist, chemical engineers and physicians all of whom are professional members of the following organizations:

Project FMM went an additional step to forward the original photographs to the American Society of Parasitology, which stated that they are not a parasite, not an animal, not biological and are a machine.

The individual further stated that the photographs contained samples of sand. The samples evaluated by a licensed pathologist, Dr. Rahim Karjoo were not of sand but of silicone and silica taken from a patient at Concord Hospital in New Hampsire.

The samples were examined under 4000x with a 3 D lens. Dr. Karjoo is among the leading pathologist to have this equipment in his licensed laboratory, American Medical Diagnositic Lab, Inc.

I do not own a laboratory. I subcontracted out all of the work for Project FMM under my direction as principal investigator.

The laboratories used in the project were the following:
Applied Consumer Laboratory
American Medical Diagnositic Laboratory
MIT Woodshole Oceanography Laboratory
Lambda Solutions, Inc.

If an individual would read the full report of Project FMM one would see that the laboratories and all scientifically documented data was listed in the report.

Mr. Jeff Rense asked to release the information about my two papers to the world through his radio show The Rense Report. A full press release was done for the world, too.

I hope this information will give the clarity Mr. Zret needs for the person that keeps tarnishing the project and the research to help humanity. I find it interesting that one person likes to sling the mud on another when they have no true knowledge on the subject matter or facts.

And it must be noted that not all companies nor private research groups put their information on a website due to no privacy.

If you review the individual's comments on the chat board and it contains any slander, libel or defamation regarding any of my work or myself I will forward it to my legal counsel to be properly addressed.

And I am not a Wanna Marchi come un'altra as stated by this individual to Mr. Zret.

Thank you.
Best Regards
Dr.Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1
Industrial Toxicologist/IH & Doctor of Integrative Medicine

Dear Dr Staninger,

on our sites every comment is controlled and only correct and urban comments are published. We think that someone, who writes on many forums lies and slanders against every honest researcher, wrote something bad and false to defame us, stating that these lies are on our sites, in the comments section. In english language, they are called debunkers, but they are people who defame any truth researcher in any way: spreading lies, dividing researchers, giving false information only to destroy the reputation of honest scientists. May be the fellow whose you write is AMD, a disgusting man of Pescara. We controlled our sites and any information is correct and linked to Your research; any other statements is false and comes from these liars who write all over the Web, in Italy and in the U.S.A. Maybe was axlman or hanmar or genocidio, two ugly, stupid fellows who talk about sand, instead of silica only to destroy the truth of the articles. They write on different forums 24 hours a day, just because they are payed to lie, to debunk and defame. Every single word of these liars is rubbish.

We hope that each possible misunderstanding will evanished with this answer. If someone looks for the truth, many people try to stop him or her, but truth will win in the end.

Best regards

Straker and Zret

10 commenti:

  1. questi ignobili e vili disinformatori sono una vera vergogna per l'umanità...speriamo di poter perlomeno arginare i danni che fanno...

  2. Infami, è vero. Pur di negare l'evidenza sono disposti a tutto. In questi mesi si sono fregiati di decine di interventi diffamatori in giro per il web ed ora si accaniscono contro coloro che, in pochi, si prodigano per far scoperchiare il calderone colmo di vipere.

    Sappiano, questi vili personaggi da quattro soldi, che non la spunteranno. Noi siamo più forti.

  3. Tutto è parte di un gioco complesso, screditare e infangare per rendere poco credibile anche la Verità! Ma coraggio, la Verità non ha bisogno di disinformatori, verrà fuori prima o poi! Ciao

  4. Veritas odium parit. A loro, a questa turpe genia dei disinfornatori, si addice questo aforisma.


  5. Benedette scie che colpiscono anche certi pseudo-attivisti come quello lì del Bruzio... Esiste una giustizia anche nell'ingiustizia.

  6. Ecco la risposta della dottoressa Staninger...

    Yes it was AMD. I agree that people are hired to do the job of attacking and debunking the findings. The harder the hit the more truthful the findings. We are right on target with the research and must be like a potatoe with eyes everywhere, because we are in the "danger zone of the truth." Grazie per la vostra assistenza e per il vostro eccellente lavoro.

    Dr. Hildegarde Staninger

  7. Mamma mia i pazzi imperversano dappertuttutto!Mamma mia ho visto sul forum di focus ed è proprio un bombardamento di "cieca ignoranza"
    Salutateci la dottoressa che mi sembra anche simpatica

  8. Ciao Stefano. Hai visto? La stupidità umana non ha limiti.

    Sulla Staninger hai ragione. E' una persona squisita.

  9. Se partono in quarta è perchè la eccellentissima Staninger ha fatto centro! ;)

  10. Tanto più ti avvicini all'obiettivo, quanto più i vili attacchi si fanno forti, ma noi non ci scomponiamo.


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